Flormar Future Historical Liquid Lipstick


It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Flormar, so when they released their Future Historical collection, I was very excited to try it. The collection includes anti-blemish foundation, a concealer, mascara, 6 cream eyeshadows, nail polishes, and 6 liquid lipsticks. I’ve tried most of the range now, but I’m most impressed by the liquid lipsticks.

Each one is really pigmented, and the range of colours goes from a really true nude to a deep rich plum. And I’ve tried them all, just so I could report back to you lovely people!

Nasty Coral (what a name!) is the most nude tone of the collection. It’s a really lovely shade for during the day, especially coming into spring and summer. If you’re the kind of person who likes their make-up to be natural and toned down, go for this shade.

Tender Terracotta is a slightly darker nude, but it’s still a very natural colour, again perfect for daytime, or if you were going a bit heavier with your eye make-up during the night.

Misty Rosy is one of my favourites from this collection. It’s a mauvy nude colour (not unlike Backtalk from Urban Decay) which is a nice change from the nudes above, as it’s still natural but it has a bit more colour to it. I really love this one.

Now we’re getting to the ones with more colour in them. Carnation Red is an orangey-red, really cute and I think it’s lovely for the brighter, warmer weather we’re hopefully going to have. It’s a real splash of colour that can liven up a more natural look.

I LOVE love love Pretty Plum. I’m a plum lipstick girl, it’s always my preferred shade so this was the first one of the collection that I bought, and what inspired me to buy the rest. It’s just a gorgeous true plum colour…it’s not too dark, it’s just a gorgeous rich colour.

And last but not least, Seductive Cherry. This colour is actually a bit darker than the Pretty Plum, the pictures just don’t do it justice. This is a deep, also plum, colour, if you want your look to be a bit more intense.


All of the shades are so impressive though. The lipsticks are really pigmented, and a little goes a long way. It does take a few layers to build up the colour I found, but I apply liquid lipsticks with a light hand. The consistency of this lipstick is really good too…it’s not too thin so it doesn’t bleed off the lips but it’s not too thick that it leaves them feeling tacky and matted.

It dries really quickly, but it doesn’t feel dry on the lips…I could barely even feel it when I was wearing it. I’ve worn a few of these lipsticks while out eating and drinking and I have to say they have great staying power too, even the nude shades barely budged!

The Future Historical lipsticks are €7.95 each and are available in selected pharmacies, Penneys (that stock Flormar) and also SimplyFoxy.com. Each tube has 7ml of product, and the rose gold packaging makes them look far more expensive than they actually are – and the compact size of the tube makes it super handy for sticking in your bag on your way out!

I’d really recommend these lipsticks, I think they’re fab!


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