Essence Cushion Eyeliner


I’m an eyeliner girl. If I could only ever wear one more item of make-up in my life, it would be eyeliner. The blacker the better.

So I was really excited when I heard that Essence were bringing out their own version of the cushion liner. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

So, what exactly IS a cushion liner? Well, like foundation, concealer and blusher, this product has now been made into a ‘cushion’. Basically, the product is in a ‘cushion’ in the little pot, and you put your brush, or stamp, or whatever you use to apply your liner into the cushion, and get the product that way.


As you can see above, the liner is actually in the black cushion in the jar.


When you push your applicator into it, you can see the actual product. In this case, liquid eyeliner.

It seems like a really good idea…the product doesn’t dry out as easily, it doesn’t spill (those eyeliner stains are impossible to get out – I know from firsthand experience) and you only use as much as you really need…in practise though…

I don’t love this product, at all. It’s fine, as a liner…but the product would be just as good as a pen liner or a normal liquid liner. And actually…the product isn’t even that good. The liner is a good colour, it’s really black, but you really need to load your brush up just to get enough to line half of one eye…I used an Inglot anged brush, and a Penneys straight liner brush and I found this with both of them, you need a lot of product just for a simple thin line.

It’s quite a thin consistency too, even for liquid liner. It needs a bit of work to build it up. It does dry quickly once applied though which is good, no transfer onto the lid when applied…and it does last well also, it didn’t really budge once I had it on.

So overall….meh. I wouldn’t be quick to recommend this product and I probably wont repurchase it if and when it runs out. If you’re looking for decent but still affordable eyeliners, there are way better ones out there than this.

Thumbs down for this one I think!


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