To condition, or not to condition…

That IS the question!

I am one of the poor unfortunates who suffers with oily roots and dry tips. Years of bleaching my hair has left it brittle, dry and broken at the ends, with frizzy split ends, while the new hair that grows is oily, and gets greasy easily, and quickly. No amount of special shampoos seems to help, the only thing that makes it any better is getting the ends cut, but I only get my hair cut every 6 months or so.

So many people have said that conditioner is the saviour, and of course I believed it. So I used it by the bucketload (only in the tips) to no avail. My hair was still dry, still nearly impossible to brush, especially after showering and it was still looking greasy and flat the day after washing.

Recently I was told that actually, the conditioner was making my hair worse. I didn’t believe it, I’d been brainwashed by the pro-conditioners. But I decided to try leaving out the conditioner and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

I’ve been going conditioner-less for the past two weeks and my hair is so much better. It’s not dry in the slightest, it’s actually easier to brush, and now instead of having to wash my hair every day, I only have to wash it every third day. Now, it does look greasy on the third day but nothing a bit of dry shampoo and a ponytail can’t fix. It feels healthier, it’s not flat, and because I don’t have to wash it as much, I have the added bonus of not having to put as many chemicals into it and subject it to extreme heat when blowdrying.

I’m considering trying a sulphate free shampoo too, which basically just means the harsh detergents that are included in most shampoos are left out, which can help your hair be healthier, makes your colour last longer (my hair isn’t dyed anymore but it doesn’t strip your hair which has to be good!) and just gives a really good clean.

So if you’re suffering with oily, greasy hair that you have to wash too often, then it might be worth a try leaving the conditioner out and see if it makes a difference to you too!


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