Prae Silicon Blender


Silicon beauty blenders have exploded (figuratively, not literally) over the past few months…so many brands, from top end to budget have released them, and people are going crazy for them.

Well…not this gal! I decided to buy into the craze just to see what all the fuss was about…and I’m glad I didn’t pay much to do so! I purchased the Prae beauty blender from TRND beauty (this review is not against either of them btw, I’ve purchased other things from TRND and loved them and I haven’t tried any of Prae’s other products so it’s not a reflection of them as a brand) and I was optimistic…it looked good, I liked the packaging and I like a gimmick as much as the next person.

The first time I used it was a disaster!!! I didn’t use a primer, which I really think makes a difference, and my foundation just sat on my face. The blender did nothing except move the product around my face, it didn’t actually blend it into my skin. I ended up using a brush and buffing the product into my face.

I’ve used it a few times since and though I will admit it’s better when you use a primer, it’s still not good. Yes, you do use less product but only because it never actually absorbs into your skin, it just sits on the surface and looks cakey and thick, no matter how much you try to blend it. Every time I use it, I end up having to finish my face with a brush just so it looks like I didn’t let my two year old brother at me with my foundation and a trowel!


It’s hard to see in the above picture (my lighting is terrible) but the foundation applied on my arm with the blender is patchier, darker, and too thick – and believe me when I say I tried to blend it!! The foundation applied with the brush is much more natural and even. It used more product by far, but to be honest, I’d rather deal with that than have to try and fix the mess made by the blender.

Plus, the blender is just messy. Obviously it doesn’t absorb any product but that product then just sits on the is easier to clean than brushes and sponges but it looks nasty and it ends up getting all over your hands which is a pain in a rush. Small price to pay if it actually worked well when applying foundation but in this case it’s just another mark against it.


All in all, it’s a big thumbs down from me for silicon blenders. Regardless of brand, I just think the concept is bad. I won’t be using it again and I’d strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t used one, or is thinking about getting one to spend their money on a decent brush instead.



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