Essence Lash Princess Mascara


So before I start talking about this product, let me just say that this is not a new product, it has been available for a good while now, I’ve just decided to post about it now because I recently re-purchased it and I LOVE it. I mean, seriously head over heels heart the bejaysis out of it.

There is nothing I don’t like about this product…I think the packaging is cute, the price is minimal (I can’t remember how much exactly but I think you’d have change from a fiver) and it just works really really well.


The wand is slightly curved, and the bristles are long which gives a really nice length to your lashes, and the product itself is thick enough to hold your lashes but not so thick that it leaves them looking spidery and clumped.


(Excuse the dodgy eyebrows, they’re a work in progress) As you can see from this, my lashes looks longer, not clumped, not spidery but also not fake. Years of pulling out fake eyelashes (I know, I know, I broke the cardinal rule) has left me with stumpy, pathetic excuses for lashes so anything that manages to give me some length is a miracle worker. This is with only one coat on the upper and lower lashes so you can build on volume if you wish!

I just really love this product, I think it’s a great mascara to have in your make-up bag, and I will definitely be purchasing it again when it runs out.


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