Hecks No’s & Hell Yeah’s

Hello and welcome back to my heck no’s and hell yeah’s, a little taste of what I’m loving and hating this week!!

First up, the baddies..


Rude people..I work in retail, and anyone who works or has worked in retail with tell you that you encounter more than your fair share of rude people. But why?? Why do some people (I stress the word some, a lot of people are sound) feel the need to be such dicks? Just be nice to people and remember that at the end of the day, we’re all just people trying to earn a living and get through life as best we can..


Whatsapp messages that take forever to send..and then when they do eventually send, take forever to actually deliver and then be read. Bugs the life out of me. It’s usually when you’re asking a question that needs to be answered but the other person can’t take a call too…it just boils my blood! I send about a million texts a minute, I need my messages to send straight away mmkay? It’s 2016 for jaysis sake!


Getting called vile names trying to do your job. This is similar to the above ‘rude people’ one, but the rude people isn’t limited to work. This one however, is where I encounter it the most. A charming young chap decided to call me a nasty name, twice (I won’t say what it was but it rhymed with he-bag) because HE didn’t have ID for alcohol and I wouldn’t sell it. Sorry for not wanting to break the law and lose my job pal. I was infuriated by it…it’s just such a horrible aggressive thing to do, and it’s beyond rude, it’s almost threatening.


Aaaand now to balance out the baddies, the goodies!!

TV shows that give their episodes names. I just love this…I don’t know why, it’s just one of those random things. I’m obsessed with the likes of The Gilmore Girls, and I’ve recently started watching Power and I love that they have episode names. It just gives me a happy feeling!




Being organised for a change. Lads, would you believe I actually have one whole christmas present bought? And it’s only September! AND I already know what I’m going to get for everyone else. That’s so unlike me, usually I’m frantically running around the shops about three days before christmas trying to pick out stuff. I’m loving it!



Having a free house.  As housemates go, mine are pretty cool. We get on fairly well, we can sit and have a chat when we’re in the same room and most importantly, we don’t hate each other (I’ve heard some horror stories!) But it’s still awesome having a free house..not having to worry about taking up the kitchen for too long, taking a long shower because nobody else needs to use the bathroom, being able to potter around in your pjs…I love having a free house!



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