Heck no’s and hell yeah’s!

Another little mini-series in the blog, these are my heck no’s and hell yeah’s! The things that make me do a little fist pump in the air, and the things that make me shake my fist at the heavens!

So, the hell yeahs!

The crazy warm weather we’re having lately. Lads, its September and the sun is still beaming away every day. Don’t get me wrong, I could do without the sweaty upper lip (overshare, sorry!) but it’s nice being able to do stuff in the bright dry weather. And Dublin in the sunshine is gorg!

Dublin's Ha'Penny Bridge in the winter sunshine

The post-gym shower. Is there any nicer feeling that stepping in to a warm shower when you’ve just come back from the gym? You’re feeling manky, sweaty and just like something that crawled out of an ogre’s armpit, not to mention you’re probably sore and wrecked tired as well. The post gym shower is like the kiss of life!


Cheat Days.  Sing it with me folks. Cheat days are what make dieting and working out tolerable. I’m only short of marking the days until my next cheat day off on the calendar and taking the day off work for it. Fancy a pizza? Sure have two, it’s your cheat day? And why not have it with a side of chinese food with ice cream for dessert. It’s your cheat day, go mad!


Aaaaand…the heck no’s..

People who snapchat at the gym and hog the machines while you’re waiting to use them. Time and place people! Get the hell off the leg press and let me use it for what it’s actually meant to be used for and take your pictures elsewhere! Aint nobody got time for that!



Vegetables. I know they’re good for you and part of a healthy diet and blah blah blah but good jaysis I am sick to death of vegetables right now. I’ve been eating a lot more than usual (ie more than none) because of my diet and I still haven’t found one I like. They make me feel ill. I think they should abolish vegetables and work on making chocolate diet friendly instead.



Screaming children. I don’t think I need to say anymore on this topic. We all know how annoying this is. I get a lot of this in work and much as I try to block it out or makes allowances, sometimes it just makes you wanna join in and scream too.



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