Gym Bunny Week 2

Hey guys, welcome back to my little mini-blog, Gym Bunny! Each week I’ll fill you in on how the diet and gym is going, and tell you what progress I’ve (hopefully) made!

Week : 2

Total loss: 2lb

So, week two…week two was tough! Week one had all the ‘new diet’ momentum going on, it was all new and fresh..week two was just getting into a routine and it was hard. I had so many times when I wanted to break and just cheat and stop going to the gym because I was tired and sore and hungry.

I had to force myself to go but I was glad each time I did.

Week two was also the week that I discovered the ‘fakeaway’. Fairly self-explanatory but they’re basically healthy versions of the crap food you get from takeaways.

We had a tortilla wrap pizza which was unreal, and I made a slimming world recipe spice bag. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s shredded chicken made with garlic, salt and chillis, with chips in the same spices, peppers, and onions (or whatever veg you want really). I found the recipe over on Lovely Girlie Bits, but you can google it and find loads of variations. It was gorgeous though and didn’t feel like a healthy dinner.

I was just getting fed up of constantly planning what I was going to eat and when I was going to the gym, usually I’d decide my food on the day…though usually it’d end up being a takeaway which was the problem in the first place. I felt like I was always being asked about the diet and constantly talking about it and it was doing my head in.

We had a bad weekend too, with two takeaways and a trip to the cinema with all the extras…very bold but so delicious! We’re back on the diet wagon now though so hopefully the results start showing soon!!

So far, I’m down 2lb, possibly more, but I didn’t weigh myself before the start of the first week so I’m just counting my losses from last week onward.


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