Gym Bunny – Week 1

So, last week myself and himself decided we were going to join the gym and start eating healthy together. My weight and I have battled for most of my adult life, with my weight winning most of the time, and I finally just decided that it needed to stop. I’ve never really had the motivation before to stick to it, so having someone else doing it with me is really helpful. I decided to do a series of posts, one a week, just talking about how I’m finding it and the results I’m hopefully having, and just keeping you up to date with it all, in a day by day way.

So, week 1!

I joined the gym on monday and just worked through my programme with the trainer. It’s mostly resistance training which I was surprised by, because I thought since I was mainly interested in weight loss, I’d be focusing on cardio, but apparently it’s to build my strength up because cardio will burn me out.

I’m going to do 3 days in the gym for a few weeks until I build up more of a tolerance for it, and my fitness level increases. Working shifts makes it kind of difficult too.

The second day there was tough, it was my first time doing my complete programme, and I added five minutes on the cross trainer, just to warm up before going into the resistance training, and I HATE the cross trainer with a passion. It is my enemy! I was so sore the next day from it, my body was in shock from using muscles it didn’t even know it had!

The third day was a bit easier, I knew my programme a bit better so I didn’t have to keep stopping and checking my planner, I could just get straight into it. It was really tough getting through the whole programme, but I did it!

I’ve been teaming the gym with eating more healthy food, and I’ve completely cut out all the crap, so no chocolate, no crisps, no sweets, and no fizzy drinks apart from on my cheat day, and even then it’s still fairly healthy, just one bad meal and maybe a treat or two. I’ve also cut out takeaways, fast food, and I’m trying to eat at least one veg with each dinner, and I’ve eaten so many apples that I think I’m going to turn into one.

It’s really tough but I’m looking forward to seeing some results, I can already see a difference in my skin, it’s a lot brighter, and a few people have told me they can see a bit of weight loss in my face, and my clothes don’t feel as tight. I can tell I’ve stopped actually putting on weight, which is a big thing because I could actually feel the weight going on me before.

It’s really helpful having someone else doing it with me too…it’s a big difference to other times I’ve tried diets and going to the gym because there’s someone else right there with me, telling me not to cheat and break the diet, and making me go to the gym with them which is exactly what I need.

I didn’t weigh myself before starting in the gym so I don’t know if I’ve lost anything this week, but I’ll weigh myself at the start of the second week so I’ll be able to hopefully have good news in my next post!



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