Hecks No’s & Hell Yeah’s

Hello and welcome back to my heck no’s and hell yeah’s, a little taste of what I’m loving and hating this week!!

First up, the baddies..


Rude people..I work in retail, and anyone who works or has worked in retail with tell you that you encounter more than your fair share of rude people. But why?? Why do some people (I stress the word some, a lot of people are sound) feel the need to be such dicks? Just be nice to people and remember that at the end of the day, we’re all just people trying to earn a living and get through life as best we can..


Whatsapp messages that take forever to send..and then when they do eventually send, take forever to actually deliver and then be read. Bugs the life out of me. It’s usually when you’re asking a question that needs to be answered but the other person can’t take a call too…it just boils my blood! I send about a million texts a minute, I need my messages to send straight away mmkay? It’s 2016 for jaysis sake!


Getting called vile names trying to do your job. This is similar to the above ‘rude people’ one, but the rude people isn’t limited to work. This one however, is where I encounter it the most. A charming young chap decided to call me a nasty name, twice (I won’t say what it was but it rhymed with he-bag) because HE didn’t have ID for alcohol and I wouldn’t sell it. Sorry for not wanting to break the law and lose my job pal. I was infuriated by it…it’s just such a horrible aggressive thing to do, and it’s beyond rude, it’s almost threatening.


Aaaand now to balance out the baddies, the goodies!!

TV shows that give their episodes names. I just love this…I don’t know why, it’s just one of those random things. I’m obsessed with the likes of The Gilmore Girls, and I’ve recently started watching Power and I love that they have episode names. It just gives me a happy feeling!




Being organised for a change. Lads, would you believe I actually have one whole christmas present bought? And it’s only September! AND I already know what I’m going to get for everyone else. That’s so unlike me, usually I’m frantically running around the shops about three days before christmas trying to pick out stuff. I’m loving it!



Having a free house.  As housemates go, mine are pretty cool. We get on fairly well, we can sit and have a chat when we’re in the same room and most importantly, we don’t hate each other (I’ve heard some horror stories!) But it’s still awesome having a free house..not having to worry about taking up the kitchen for too long, taking a long shower because nobody else needs to use the bathroom, being able to potter around in your pjs…I love having a free house!



Heck no’s and hell yeah’s!

Another little mini-series in the blog, these are my heck no’s and hell yeah’s! The things that make me do a little fist pump in the air, and the things that make me shake my fist at the heavens!

So, the hell yeahs!

The crazy warm weather we’re having lately. Lads, its September and the sun is still beaming away every day. Don’t get me wrong, I could do without the sweaty upper lip (overshare, sorry!) but it’s nice being able to do stuff in the bright dry weather. And Dublin in the sunshine is gorg!

Dublin's Ha'Penny Bridge in the winter sunshine

The post-gym shower. Is there any nicer feeling that stepping in to a warm shower when you’ve just come back from the gym? You’re feeling manky, sweaty and just like something that crawled out of an ogre’s armpit, not to mention you’re probably sore and wrecked tired as well. The post gym shower is like the kiss of life!


Cheat Days.  Sing it with me folks. Cheat days are what make dieting and working out tolerable. I’m only short of marking the days until my next cheat day off on the calendar and taking the day off work for it. Fancy a pizza? Sure have two, it’s your cheat day? And why not have it with a side of chinese food with ice cream for dessert. It’s your cheat day, go mad!


Aaaaand…the heck no’s..

People who snapchat at the gym and hog the machines while you’re waiting to use them. Time and place people! Get the hell off the leg press and let me use it for what it’s actually meant to be used for and take your pictures elsewhere! Aint nobody got time for that!



Vegetables. I know they’re good for you and part of a healthy diet and blah blah blah but good jaysis I am sick to death of vegetables right now. I’ve been eating a lot more than usual (ie more than none) because of my diet and I still haven’t found one I like. They make me feel ill. I think they should abolish vegetables and work on making chocolate diet friendly instead.



Screaming children. I don’t think I need to say anymore on this topic. We all know how annoying this is. I get a lot of this in work and much as I try to block it out or makes allowances, sometimes it just makes you wanna join in and scream too.


Gym Bunny Week 2

Hey guys, welcome back to my little mini-blog, Gym Bunny! Each week I’ll fill you in on how the diet and gym is going, and tell you what progress I’ve (hopefully) made!

Week : 2

Total loss: 2lb

So, week two…week two was tough! Week one had all the ‘new diet’ momentum going on, it was all new and fresh..week two was just getting into a routine and it was hard. I had so many times when I wanted to break and just cheat and stop going to the gym because I was tired and sore and hungry.

I had to force myself to go but I was glad each time I did.

Week two was also the week that I discovered the ‘fakeaway’. Fairly self-explanatory but they’re basically healthy versions of the crap food you get from takeaways.

We had a tortilla wrap pizza which was unreal, and I made a slimming world recipe spice bag. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s shredded chicken made with garlic, salt and chillis, with chips in the same spices, peppers, and onions (or whatever veg you want really). I found the recipe over on Lovely Girlie Bits, but you can google it and find loads of variations. It was gorgeous though and didn’t feel like a healthy dinner.

I was just getting fed up of constantly planning what I was going to eat and when I was going to the gym, usually I’d decide my food on the day…though usually it’d end up being a takeaway which was the problem in the first place. I felt like I was always being asked about the diet and constantly talking about it and it was doing my head in.

We had a bad weekend too, with two takeaways and a trip to the cinema with all the extras…very bold but so delicious! We’re back on the diet wagon now though so hopefully the results start showing soon!!

So far, I’m down 2lb, possibly more, but I didn’t weigh myself before the start of the first week so I’m just counting my losses from last week onward.

Gym Bunny – Week 1

So, last week myself and himself decided we were going to join the gym and start eating healthy together. My weight and I have battled for most of my adult life, with my weight winning most of the time, and I finally just decided that it needed to stop. I’ve never really had the motivation before to stick to it, so having someone else doing it with me is really helpful. I decided to do a series of posts, one a week, just talking about how I’m finding it and the results I’m hopefully having, and just keeping you up to date with it all, in a day by day way.

So, week 1!

I joined the gym on monday and just worked through my programme with the trainer. It’s mostly resistance training which I was surprised by, because I thought since I was mainly interested in weight loss, I’d be focusing on cardio, but apparently it’s to build my strength up because cardio will burn me out.

I’m going to do 3 days in the gym for a few weeks until I build up more of a tolerance for it, and my fitness level increases. Working shifts makes it kind of difficult too.

The second day there was tough, it was my first time doing my complete programme, and I added five minutes on the cross trainer, just to warm up before going into the resistance training, and I HATE the cross trainer with a passion. It is my enemy! I was so sore the next day from it, my body was in shock from using muscles it didn’t even know it had!

The third day was a bit easier, I knew my programme a bit better so I didn’t have to keep stopping and checking my planner, I could just get straight into it. It was really tough getting through the whole programme, but I did it!

I’ve been teaming the gym with eating more healthy food, and I’ve completely cut out all the crap, so no chocolate, no crisps, no sweets, and no fizzy drinks apart from on my cheat day, and even then it’s still fairly healthy, just one bad meal and maybe a treat or two. I’ve also cut out takeaways, fast food, and I’m trying to eat at least one veg with each dinner, and I’ve eaten so many apples that I think I’m going to turn into one.

It’s really tough but I’m looking forward to seeing some results, I can already see a difference in my skin, it’s a lot brighter, and a few people have told me they can see a bit of weight loss in my face, and my clothes don’t feel as tight. I can tell I’ve stopped actually putting on weight, which is a big thing because I could actually feel the weight going on me before.

It’s really helpful having someone else doing it with me too…it’s a big difference to other times I’ve tried diets and going to the gym because there’s someone else right there with me, telling me not to cheat and break the diet, and making me go to the gym with them which is exactly what I need.

I didn’t weigh myself before starting in the gym so I don’t know if I’ve lost anything this week, but I’ll weigh myself at the start of the second week so I’ll be able to hopefully have good news in my next post!