PS Love Skincare Range


So, Penneys recently released a new micellar skincare range, and since I love Penneys and I love skincare, I had to pick it up and give it a go. Before I start telling you about the products, let me first explain what micelles actually are –

Micelles are basically tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules, that are attracted to oil and dirt and they draw out impurities without drying out your skin. There are loads of different brands of micellar water on the market, and I’ve tried a few and liked them, but I find they can usually be a bit expensive for what is essentially just something you use to wash your face.

Penneys range is super affordable though and they have a few different products in it.


This is their ‘Easy on the Eyes’ eye makeup remover. It was €2.00 for a 150ml bottle which is great value. I found it was great for removing stubborn eye make-up..I use a lot of gel liner and it was able to get rid of it fairly easily. It’s gentle on the eyes, which I was worried about as my skin can be very sensitive, but it didn’t irritate my eyes at all!


Their ‘Time to Come Clean’ micellar cleansing water is €2.50, and that’s for a 430ml bottle which is really a good size bottle. It was also really gentle on the skin while managing to tackle my make-up! It left my skin feeling really clean and soft and tingly, and compared to others I’ve tried, it worked just as well but it was a quarter of the price!!



Now this isn’t a part of the micellar range but I’d heard a lot about this mask so when I saw that it was in stock, I decided to pick it up to try it. It’s only €3.50 for the pot, and 50ml is not a bad size for that, especially since a little goes a long way with this. It smells amazing, and it has tiny particles in it that buff the skin when it’s being used. I apply it with a flat foundation brush to make sure I get an even layer all over the face. It dries within about 10 minutes, and it’s really easy to remove. My skin felt super smooth after I used this, and it was really clean and clear looking too.


This is the ‘Let’s Face It’ moisturiser. It’s €2.50 for 100ml. Again, a really good price! It’s lovely a soft, it doesn’t have a really thick formula so it absorbs really quickly into the skin. I did find my skin burned a tiny bit when I was using this but my skin tends to do that with moisturisers anyway, especially when I’ve been using other skincare products, it just gets a little sensitive. This smells lovely, and it is gentle on the skin. I’ve only used it as a part of a routine with the above products but it did leave my skin feeling really soft and hydrated.

So that’s my thoughts on the Penneys micellar skincare range…really affordable but still effective!


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