10 under €10 – Get a full look on a budget!

Ok, so the whole thing about this blog is that it’s affordable products for the everyday budget – so, with that in mind, I decided to do a whole face worth of make-up..and only one thing is over €10! These are all products I currently use or have used and loved in the past so I can vouch for them.

So, starting with primer, we have the PS Pro Miracle Primer from Penneys. I’ve said before that I think this primer is a dead ringer for the Pore-fessional primer from Benefit at a fraction of the price. It really gives a lovely surface for your make-up. This primer is only €4.00 and a little goes a long way so you really get your money’s worth!


Following up with the foundation..now, this one is €10.49 but I’m sure you’ll forgive me the odd change…The Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I love this foundation, I think for a drugstore foundation it really does a great job. It has great coverage, the formula is great, really blendable and easy to work with, and it comes in a great range of shades. I have combination skin (an oily t-zone and dry cheeks, help!) and it works perfectly with my skin!

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Now, you’ve done your face and it looks great but you want it to stay there, so you need a setting powder to keep it in place! There is nothing worse than wandering foundation!! I use the Collection Loose Powder on my face, and it’s a steal at only €2.79. You should make sure to always press setting powder into your face when you’re using it, don’t brush it across your face. I like this because it seems to give my face a subtle shimmer when it’s used…nothing sparkly, it just makes it seem a bit dewy and fresh!


Now, onto the eyes, my favourite part!! The look I’ve gone for with this range of products is very natural, nude shades and tones, a more everyday fresh look. I’ve decided to include the W7 ‘In The Nude’ palette for this. It’s only €7.50 and the natural shades in this palette are gorgeous. It has a mixture of matte and shimmers, so you can tone it down or jazz it up a little, depending on your preference!


(as you can see, I’ve lost the brush!)

Now, you’ve done your shadow and you’re looking fab, it’s time to line those babies. I LOVE eyeliner…I think if I had to pick what make-up I could keep for life, it would be eyeliner. Seriously, I have no eyes without it. So, for this, I’ve chosen the Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner. It’s a great liner, easy to use and it’s only €7.49! Perfect for those razor sharp wings!


Don’t forget to frame your by now stunning eyes…you need mascara! And for that, I would use the Lash Princess Volume mascara by Essence. This is the cutest mascara ever, and the wand is curved which is great for really volumising lashes. And it’s only €4.09 so it’s also a bargain!


So, your eyes are done so now you need to sort out those brows! Nothing worse than great eyes being let down by bad brows! This NYX brow pencil has been compared to the Anastacia brow pencil..I’ve never used the Anastacia one so I can’t comment but I do know that at €10, it’s worth trying! The colour in this does need to be built depending on how dramatic a brow you’re looking for but since we’re aiming for a natural look, a light hand is best with this.


Now, your eyes are done and you’re looking gorgeous…it’s time to get chiselled! I recently bought the Wet N’ Wild contour palette in Dulche Du Leche, and oh my god I love it! For a budget contour palette, it is super effective. Neither shade is too strong, so you’re not going to get that muddy contoured look and you’re not going to be glowing to high heaven either. This is only €5.95 and I’d actually recommend you all go out and get it now!

Now, you’re chiselled, your eyes are the bomb, all that’s left are the lips!! So, every good lip needs a good liner. I’ve gone with the Revlon Colorstay liner in Pink here. It’s €8.99, and that buys you a super creamy crayon liner that applies like a dream and has decent staying power too. I’d usually line my lips with this and then apply it all over the lips as a base for my lipstick.


I’d follow that up with the Flormar Deluxe Cashmere lipstick in Natural Rosewood. These lipsticks are just heaven in a gorgeous golden tube, they’re creamy, matte, great colours and great staying power, AND they’re only €5.95. Where would you get it?! This is a great natural pinky shade which is perfect for the rest of the tone of the makeup above!


Now, there you have it…a full face worth of make-up for about €65 and all great products that are super versatile!


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