Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick


Caution! Drool alert! Can we just take a minute to look at those little tubes of golden gorgeousness? These are the Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick Stylo lipsticks, and they are possibly some of my favourite lipsticks to wear at the minute.

I bought them in 5 different shades which I will show you now:






Aren’t they beautiful?? The lipsticks themselves are all matte shades, with a lovely finish. They feel creamy on the lips when applied and they dry quite nicely, they don’t feel drying at all. The wear quite well also, I’ve worn each of them a few times and while obviously you will need to re-apply them as you do with all lipsticks, they don’t fade quickly.

They also don’t clump when worn, which I’ve noticed a few other brands of lipstick can do, especially the darker shades. The colours are buildable but they have a decent colour from the first application.


Here I’ve swatched the colours so you can have a good look. As you can see, Natural Beige and Natural Rosewood are beautiful nude shades and can be worn as part of a daytime look, or with a smoky eye in the evening.

Stylish Carmine, Chic Aubergine and Festive Burgundy (I love the names!!) are all more deep red colours. I’m wearing Festive Burgundy in my picture in the Home section of this page so if you want to see it with a full face, you can see it in that.

The lipsticks are €5.95 each which is a brilliant price for a product that performs so well and looks far more expensive. I really recommend anyone going out and getting a few of these lipsticks for your collection, they’re a must have!!


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