Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette


I completely forgot I even had this palette…I loved it when I bought it but obviously got distracted by something new and shiny. I was going through my palettes last week though and I came across this one and decided to take it out of retirement.

The palette has 12 shades ranging from nudes to darker colours, and it really is lovely for creating a more natural look.


As you can see, I have my favourites from it. The two colours that you can see have been used are great for using on their own for a sweep of colour on the lids if you want something toned down and natural.


As you can see, the colours are quite pigmented (each swatch is one application) and there is a good range of colours, so you can make a natural daytime look but you could also make a nice evening look too. All of the colours work in any combination with each other with a decent mix of base and transition colours as well as crease and lids.


There is a guide on the back as to combinations you might use which is handy, but to be honest I only noticed that tonight when I went to take pictures of the palette!! It just shows you how versatile this little palette can be!

This palette was around the €15 mark which is really good, given the amount of looks you can actually create with this with very little effort. I’d definitely recommend going out and having a look at this, especially if you prefer your eye looks a little bit more natural.


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