NYX Brow Pencil VS NYX Brow Gel


We all know how important brows are. They frame the face and they can really make or ruin a makeup look. I’ve tried a few different products to tame my wild brows and these two are my favourite. So I decided to do a little compare and contrast with the two, just to see which one I think is best.

NYX Brow PencilĀ 


I’d heard a few reviews of this, some comparing it to the Anastacia brow pencil (which I haven’t used so I can’t comment on that) so when I was checking out the new NYX stand in Boots, I picked it up to try out. I’ve tried it a good few times since and I’m still not sure what to make of it.

It is easy to use, and because the initial colour is fainter than the gel, its easier to fix any mistakes. It takes a bit longer to get the colour you’re looking for though. The nib is nice and not too thick so it gives a more natural look when you’re applying it.


I feel that this takes a bit longer to apply than the gel though, there’s a bit more work involved building up the colour, and it doesn’t apply quite as easily. It does have a spoolie at the end though, which is always good with a brow product!


NYX Brow Gel


I bought this about a year ago (this is a newer one, I lost the other one and was devastated for a while until I bought it again) and I’ve really loved it since the first time I used it. The colour is perfect for my brows.


I find it easier to use than the pencil as the product just glides on, whereas with the pencil it takes more work. This product is darker and gives a far more defined brow.

I think the gel is better if you’re going for a fully made up face of makeup, instead of a more natural look. I use an Anastasia brow brush to apply this, it’s a nice thin brow brush so it’s great for applying the gel.

All in all, I think I prefer the gel just because it gives a more finished and defined look, but the pencil is fine if you want a quick natural brow!



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