*Holy Grail Product*Urban Decay Backtalk


There are very few lipsticks that make me stop and just sigh with pleasure. That one up there did though. As you can tell by the picture, I couldn’t even wait to take pictures of it before I used it.


It’s part of the new Urban Decay Vice range which contains 100 new shades, all of which are just beautiful. I want them all!!


Backtalk is a mauvy pink shade, and it’s one of their Comfort Matte shades. It’s super creamy on the lips and it dries to a lovely matte finish that doesn’t feel dry on the lips at all. It can be worn all day and it feels super comfortable the whole time.


It’s a really versatile colour, I’ve yet to find a look that it doesn’t work with, it’s very natural but depending on what liners you use with it, you can adapt it to suit your needs. I tend to use it with the Revlon Colour-Stay liner in Rose and it’s a gorgeous combination.


It lasts really well on the lips, and even when it fades, it’s a natural enough colour that it’s not very noticeable.

The Vice lipsticks cost €18 each with some matching lipliners for €17. It’s really a great price for these lipsticks because they are such a lovely quality and the shades are to die for.

I’ve since picked up another comfort matte in the shade Uptight, and it’s just as comfortable and wearable, and I’ll definitely be picking up more.

But I would definitely recommend purchasing Backtalk, the last time I was at the UD counter I was talking to one of the girls who work there and she said she had yet to come across anyone who it didn’t suit. It’s really my go to lipstick, and it’s one of my favourite make-up purchases this year!



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