Flormar Flower Tales Foundation


I really really wanted to love this product. I’m a huge fan of Flormar and everything that I’ve tried up until now from this brand has been brilliant. Sadly though, this is one product that just does not work for me at all.

I originally bought this in the shade ‘Porcelain’ which is too light for me, but it swatched a lot darker on my hand than it actually was when it was applied to my face. I wore it a few times with a darker setting powder and it was fine for the daytime, but it was still a bit pale. Thinking that maybe that was what was putting me off this foundation, I went and bought it in the shade ‘Ivory’ which is 3 shades darker than the Porcelain and is the shade I usually wear in foundations.

This colour was slightly better but it still appeared far paler on my face than it did when swatched.


You can see that on my hand the colours both look quite dark, but for some reason when they were applied to my face, the Porcelain looked almost white, and the Ivory wasn’t much better.

I persevered anyway, thinking that maybe if I liked the way it lasted or felt on my face that I would just go and buy another few shades darker, but it just really didn’t work for me. I found the foundation too thick, and it was very hard to apply. I tried applying it with a foundation brush, a stippling brush and had no success. I was able to apply it and blend it into the skin with a beauty blender in the end, but even when that was done I found the product just moved around on my face and it took a lot of work just to get it to stay where it was supposed to be.

Also I found the product just sank into my pores, even when used with a primer and it made my pores look huge and really noticeable, especially around my nose.

I set this product with a decent amount of setting powder pressed into the skin but I found that it wore away quite quickly, especially along my t-zone. I do have quite oily skin though so this could be the reason for that, although I haven’t had this problem with other foundations.

I don’t want to completely write off this product though. It is a great sized bottle for the price, and the coverage when first applied is great. I just found that it didn’t suit my skin at all and it was just too awkward to apply. I’m sure there are others out there who love this foundation, this is just the experience I had with it, and I wouldn’t recommend it because of this.




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