Nima Brush ‘Girls on Tour’ brushes


Before I go into talking about these brushes, I think we all just need to take a minute to look at the above picture and swoon at their utter beauty.

Done? Ok good.

This is the ‘Girls on Tour’ set of brushes by NIMA Brush. NIMA Brush is an Irish brand, established by Niamh Martin (the brushes are named after her.. NIamh MArtin – NIMA..very clever). Each brush she designs is named after a lady in her life. This personal touch and the brushes gorgeous appearances really make this brand stand out.

I’d been wanting to order some of these brushes for a while and when I saw that there was a sale on the sets, I just had to have them. I decided on the Girls On Tour set because it contained most of the brushes that I’d wanted to buy individually and the colour of the brushes is divine.

Each brush is a duck-egg blue, with a gold ferrule. They really are very pretty.

The set contained seven different brushes, which are as follows:


The ‘Danielle’ is a precision brow brush. The brush is thin which is perfect for precise application of brow gels and powders, and the bristles are strong enough to give a solid line when outlining brows.


The ‘Ollie’ is a smudger brush. This is especially great for smokey eyes when you want to smudge the darker colours along the lash line or under the bottom lashes. This packs on the colour!


The ‘Patricia’ is a synthetic crease and buffer brush. This is one of my favourite brushes of the set. It does a fantastic job of blending out shadows in the crease seamlessly, and it’s a definite must for anyone’s make-up collection.


The ‘Debs’ brush is another crease blender, but this one is a bit less soft than the Patricia. I found this great for really packing colour into the crease and blending it out, and then I used the Patricia to really buff out the colours. Another one that I think everyone needs to have.


The ‘Blaithin’ brush is a tapered powder and blusher brush. I found this brush really good for applying highlight. I tend to use a more angled brush for blusher, so I think I’ll be keeping this as a highlight brush.


The ‘Jane’ brush is a duo fibre stipple / foundation brush. This brush is fantastic! I usually stick to a flat head kabuki brush for applying foundation, or a beauty blender, but I’ve used this a few times now and the finish is flawless. The only flaw is that I seem to use more product with this brush, but it’s a small price to pay for a flawless face!


The ‘Tara’ is a tight haired contour and blusher brush. Again, I love this brush. It’s tightly haired so it packs on the product and it also works really well to blend it out. I don’t really tend to contour my face that much, but I did use this brush and I loved it.


So those are the girls! This is a travel set so the handles are slightly shorter, but it’s not really noticeable when you’re using them, they still feel nice in your hand. All of the brushes are a great quality and they do feel really nice on the face when you’re using them. There was zero fall-out on their first use too which is always a good sign in a brush.

The delivery was really quick, and they were delivered in a gorgeous little leather brush purse in the same colour as the brushes.

I really do love these brushes already, and I’ve only used them a few times. I’d be quick to recommend them to anyone who was in the market for new brushes. I look forward to using them even more in the future!


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