Miomare Makeup Brushes from Lidl

You know I can’t resist a bargain so when I saw these makeup brushes on another beauty bloggers Instagram and heard they were only €9.99, I knew I had to get them and try them out. IMG_0357

There’s 10 brushes in total, 4 large brushes and 6 smaller ones, and they come in a cute little matching holder. They were available in red, black and the stripey ones that I have.

There’s a large powder brush –


A smaller powder brush (I would use this for blusher) –


An angled powder brush (for blusher or contouring) –


A flat foundation brush (I tend to use these when applying moisturiser or face masks, I never use them for foundation)


Then there’s a selection of smaller brushes –


A concealer brush –


An eyeshadow brush –


A crease brush (I’d be more inclined to use this for smoking out my liner) –


A lip brush (again, I’d probably use this for liner instead of lipstick) –


A fine lip brush –


And a blending brush –


They seem like nice brushes for the price, they’re quite soft. I’ll have to give them a try before I pass judgement on them though. I’ll also have to wash them before I use them because they smell like the leather case they were in! I’ll be sure to do a review of these once I’ve used them a few times!




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