Wet N’ Wild makeup brushes

I’m a sucker for pretty makeup brushes, so as soon as I saw that Wet N’ Wild, one of my favourite budget brands, had a range of brushes, I knew I had to have them.


It’s easy to see why, there’s no denying how pretty they are..admittedly, they were a bit prettier before I used them, but even so, the clean white handles and the white and pink brushes are super cute.

Now, the main problem with these brushes is that they’re not available in Ireland, and the Irish Wet N Wild site don’t have them, so if you want them, you’re going to have to go searching. I eventually sourced mine on eBay, and got the set for around €40, including shipping from America. I didn’t get the full set, there are a few more available than the ones I have, they also have a flat foundation brush, contour brushes etc etc but I have a few of those in different brands so I didn’t bother getting them.

So, now to the brushes themselves…at first, I really was not impressed with them. They looked good, the packaging was nice, but the brushes themselves just didn’t do it for me. I’m quite impulsive, and I was tempted to just bin them and move on. On their first uses, they just seemed to move product around my face without actually buffing it into the skin, no matter how much I tried. Even the powder brush wasn’t good, and that has the least amount of work to do!

Also, as you can see from the photo, even though the colour of the brushes and their cute design is what made me want them, they also dirty very easily. I can see these being a nightmare to keep looking clean and new.

However, after a few uses, I now actually really like these brushes. They just need to be broken in. I mainly use the powder brush, blusher brush, small concealer brush and the angled liner brush, and I’m impressed with them now. They still aren’t my favourite brushes but for the price of them, you can’t really complain.


The face brushes (L-R small concealer, large concealer, blusher and powder brushes) are really soft, and feel really nice when you’re using them. There’s no fallout so far, so no annoying bristles getting stuck in your make-up, and the handles are comfortable to hold. After they’ve been broken in, they do apply your make-up really nicely too.


The eye brushes (L-R smokey liner, bent liner, angled liner and crease brush) are the real winners though. I use the angled liner one almost everyday, and the crease brush has become my favourite eyeshadow brush by a mile. It’s super fluffy and really blends shadows into the crease. I’ve used the other two brushes since taking the picture and I’m equally as impressed. Eye brushes are important to me as I usually focus on my eyes when doing make-up, and I really am loving these.

So, all in all I think there are more pros than cons with these brushes…the availability and fact that they need to be broken in are cancelled out by how pretty, affordable and lovely they are to work with. They remind me of the PS range of brushes from Penneys..maybe not quite as good to work with, but similar. I don’t know if I’d recommend rushing out to try and find them, but if you do come across them, definitely pick them up!


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