Treat yourself…a nice little skincare routine!

I am shockingly bad when it comes to skincare…I’m forever buying different products but I find myself too lazy to do more than wipe my makeup off with a face wipe most of the time..and even that sometimes doesn’t happen! But there’s no denying that skincare is super important, especially when you wear as much make-up as I do. So, every week or so, I take the time to treat my skin to a little DIY facial, and my skin always feels so good.

I have quite sensitive skin, so I tend to stick to Simple products..IMG_0335

So, first things first…I usually do this after I’ve had a shower, so my pores are already open. This helps you to get a better result and gets your skin really clean and soft..

Start by using an eye-make-up remover to really get all that eye make-up off. Eyeliner and mascara is a nightmare to remove, so a remover specific for eye make-up is a must…I use the Rimmel gentle eye make-up remover..


I then clean my whole face with Simple Micellar water. I love this product, it leaves my skin feeling all tingly and super clean. Most brands have a version of this, and I’m sure they’re all as good as the other, I just stick to Simple..


Next step, cleanse your whole face. I apply a decent amount of product to a large cotton pad and apply it in outward circular motions around the face. This really cleanses the face and pores.


After that, use a toner to wipe off the cleanser. Apply it in the same way. By now, your skin should be feeling amazing!


Now, the fun part. The mask! I recently purchased the Detox clay mask from L’Oreal. I think it was around 7.95e in Boots, which is a good price for a mask like this. They have two other versions, but I chose the detox because I wanted a really deep cleaning mask for my face. It’s a black mask, and it does look a bit disgusting when it’s on, but it smells amazing and it left my skin feeling like silk.


The instructions say to rinse the mask off after about 15 minutes with a wet towel or just with water, but I used some more micellar water on a cotton pad and it did the same thing. After the mask, I applied a pore strip to my nose. I got mine in Penney’s and I think they were 2.50e for 4 strips. Pore strips can be quite expensive, but I think these are great. They have aloe in them as well which is a plus! You apply these to a wet nose, and I wet them further when I apply them, just to make them stick properly. Peel off after 15 minutes and have a nosey (pun intended) and the nasty gunk that comes out of your pores…(admit it, we all do it!!)


Almost there! By now you’re probably sick of putting stuff on your face, but it’s going to be worth it. Next step is just a good night cream (or a normal moisturiser if you’re doing this in the morning). Apply this liberally to your face, and let it soak in.


Grab your under-eye roll on and apply some under your eyes, and you’re done. A super easy DIY facial that leaves your skin looking and feeling great, and leaves you feeling pampered and relaxed, and you don’t even need to leave your own home.


Do any of you have a facial routine that you swear by?


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