P.S. Pro Range..a bit hit & miss


Ah Penneys..where would we be without you? For as long as I can remember, Penneys was always the go-to place for all your wardrobe staples..really affordable, nice clothes, great range of sizes, and great opening hours. So what if every second person was wearing the same outfit?

So when Penneys launched their PS. Love range, it felt like all our christmases had come at once…and they did deliver. Their PS. Love range is gorgeous…like their clothing, it’s perfect just to top up your make-up bag with little bits and pieces without breaking the bank.

They’ve recently launched their PS. Pro range, and it’s safe to say the make-up world was fairly excited by it…and I suppose it’s justified…almost. I picked up a few different bits to try, and I’m impressed by some of it, but there are one or two things that I’m just not a fan of, and some things that have ended up in the bin because I just found them so bad. So, let’s get down to it..I’ll start with what I didn’t like, just so I can end the post on a good note.

Lip Primer


I don’t even have my own picture of this product…it got throw in the bin after trying it a few times. I loved the idea of a lip primer, so I was really excited about this product but it was a huge disappointment. I honestly felt like I was rubbing a dried up Pritt-Stick on my lips. It did nothing apart from make my lips feel dry. Big no no. Don’t waste your time or money on this.

Eyeliner Corrector Pen


Again, something that seems like a great idea, especially when you’re as fond of winged liner as I am..we all know the struggle, so what could be better than essentially an eyeliner eraser? Well, I don’t really know, but this sure isn’t it. It does fade the liner, but it leaves a dark smudge where the liner was, so you end up having to wipe that off and touch up your make-up again anyway. Not as big of a let down as the lip primer, but I still say don’t waste your money on this. Invest in a packet of cotton buds instead.

Longwear Lip Liner Pen


These are kind of strange to me. The tips are almost like felt tips, so it’s hard to get a precise line with them. They’re hard to work with, you have to go over the line a few times to get a decent colour built up. The colour is nice, but the product is ridiculously sticky when it’s on and it has a felt tip smell too. I’d almost thrown these out but I tried them again when I was doing this review, just to be fair to the product but my mind really hasn’t changed. Not the absolute worst product but not something I’d recommend.

Rich Colour Lipstick


Now we’re getting to the good stuff. I really like these lipsticks. The push packaging is fun, it looks good, and the colours are gorgeous.


I got them in the shades ‘Boudoir Pink’ and ‘Iconic Nude’ and they’re both just really lovely natural shades. They’re creamy on the lips, and have a nice finish. I don’t find them terribly long lasting, but a top up now and again doesn’t hurt anyone. I would recommend these as an everyday lipstick that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Miracle Primer


Now this is a really great product. As soon as I tried this, I was reminded of Pore-Fessional by Benefit – that’s how good this is. It has the same type of texture and consistency, and it feels exactly the same on the face. It really gives a lovely surface to start applying the rest of your make-up. I am a huge fan of the Benefit primer but this is a great dupe, and I’ll be re-purchasing this when it’s finished. Trust me, you need this in your make-up bag.

Longwear Finishing Powder


Last, but certainly not least, is the longwear finishing powder. This is my favourite of all the PS. Pro products I’ve tried. The packaging is sleek, it looks great, and most of all, the product really works. I tend to switch between this, and the loose finishing powder from The Collection, but this one edges in front slightly. It can be messy to work with as the powder is so fine, but my make-up really doesn’t move when I use this. I have an awful habit of touching my face and smudging my make-up, but I find even that doesn’t have a huge effect on this, my make-up is still mostly in place at the end of the day. I find it can give your make-up a matte look though, so if a dewy face is more your thing, maybe this isn’t for you. But this is definitely another budget make-up bag staple that I would highly recommend.

So, there you have it. It really is a mixed bag…some things they really got so right but others I just found awful. Maybe it’s just me, I’m sure others out there love the products that I hated,  it really comes down the individual, but either way, I hope you enjoyed my little review and maybe it inspired you to go and treat yourself a little bit!


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