Flormar? Get on my face!



You’d be forgiven for maybe not having heard of Flormar yet. It’s still a fairly new brand in Ireland, having only relaunched here just over a year ago. It was established in Milan in 1970 and started production in Turkey, and since then it has gone from strength to strength, having almost 700 shops in over 90 countries according to their website. Paul Mooney (owner of the Cosmetic Outlet in Dublin 8 – a place that you absolutely must visit at some point for the unreal bargains) is the chief executive of Flormar Ireland, and he’s the one to thank for making the relaunch so successful – he previously stocked the brand in his shop and realised that it wasn’t being looked after the way it should be, so he did something about it.

With products ranging in price from around €2.95 to €12.95, it’s definitely a brand that allows you to have a splurge without feeling too guilty, and you still get a really nice product.

So, for the important bit..the review! I bought a small selection of Flormar products, just to try a while ago (I stumbled across a Flormar stand in one of my local pharmacies and nearly had heart failure, it was so pretty) and I’ve been very impressed.

Perfect Coverage 12 Hour Foundation & Illuminating Primer


Ok…I LOVE both of these products. I use them every day, as you can tell by the almost empty bottles (I’ll have to top up soon…darn it, another trip to the Flormar stand!). The foundation has a lovely coverage, and applies really nicely, and easily. I’ve found some foundations can be hard to work with, you have to work very quickly with them, but this is just a lovely, light foundation which blends like a dream. I think I have it in the ivory shade (the joys of being snow white) and the colour is perfect on my pale Irish skin.

As for the primer, you need to get this right now. Like, drop what you’re doing, go to the nearest Flormar stand, and  buy this. It is gorgeous. It’s not thick and heavy like a lot of primers, it’s silky and leaves a lovely glow on your face. I’ve found a few primers can clump and almost flake off my face at times too but I’ve never had that problem with this product. Mix it with your foundation to give it a bit of a glow too and it’s gorgeous!

Revolution Perfect Lipstick


I love the packaging of this lipstick, it’s so funky. As for the product itself, I picked it up in the shade 07, which is a very pale, pinky nude colour. While the lipstick applies well and it feels lovely on the lips, I can’t really comment much further as the shade is just too light for me. I’ve worn it with slightly darker liner underneath and just used the lipstick to give an extra bit of colour but it’s not one that I reach for often. I’ll have to try a few more shades to really see what I think.

Waterproof Lipliner


This liner is one of my favourite liners…I reach for this fairly regularly. It’s really creamy and long lasting, and since nude shades are my thing lately, this is just perfect. I tend to team it with ‘Angel’ by Mac or ‘Uptight’ by Urban Decay for a gorgeous dark nude look, and it lasts a really long time, you’d only need to reapply it once (and that’s if you’re eating and drinking and gabbing on a lot like I tend to do!)

So, that’s my review of the few Flormar products I’ve tried, a definite thumbs up from me!



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